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Ear Mapping

In the same way a curator designs an art gallery, our experienced piercers will work with you to create a cohesive look for your ears. We make sure each piercing and piece of jewelry complements the next. This is achieved in a few, necessary steps:

  1. Our piercers will dedicate time for a one-on-one consultation with you. From there, they will assess your anatomy and decide which piercings will accentuate your features best.
  2. You and your piercer will collaborate on the overall style you are wanting. At this stage, you will be walked through our jewelry selection, and the piercers will give their expert advice on which pieces flatter your desired look the most.
  3. Our piercers will implement a piercing schedule with you. We do not advocate getting more than three piercings at a time. Remember, healing is the most important step of this process! This also allows you the time to financially plan for this.
  4. Piercing time!
  5. After each session, the piercers will walk you through aftercare, as well as the necessary healing time for each piercing.
  6. Follow your piercers instructions for safe and healthy healing!
  7. Once your ear mapping is complete, and your ears are beautifully curated – the final and most exciting step – YOU’RE DONE! TIME TO CELEBRATE! 

There is nothing we love more than to see happy clients! So, don’t be shy. Yell from the rooftops! Or, in proper 21st century style, share your gorgeous new look on social media and don’t forget to tag us!