Does getting a tattoo hurt?


How do I book a tattoo?

To book with an artist, click their “book” button on their individual page and fill out their booking form.

I submitted my Tattoo Request Form. Now what?

After your artist receives your booking form, they will contact you with the purpose of setting up an in-person consultation to talk about your tattoo idea and ultimately set an appointment for you to get the tattoo. You are not required to make an appointment to get the tattoo at the time of your consultation, but if you decide to do so, a $100 cash deposit is required to hold your appointment. The deposit will come off of the last session of your tattoo. Please allow for up to five business days to receive a response after submitting your form.

What do I need to bring to my consultation?

Bring your $100 cash deposit as well as any photos or reference material you’d like to bring. You DO NOT have to print out any material you’ve sent unless you have a better high-res copy of it.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Our studio minimum is $100. After your consultation, we will be able to give you an estimate of the cost of your tattoo. We price based on many varying factors such as size, location, and intricacy of the piece.

When can I see my drawing?

You will see your drawing the day of your appointment. Any changes can be made at that time.

But why can’t I see my drawing before my appointment?

This is due to a couple of reasons. 1) It’s easier and more efficient to discuss changes to the drawing in person as opposed to over email. 2) A tattoo is extremely personal and showing you in person ensures that you are making the decisions in regard to your tattoo.

Will you draw something for me just to see if I like it?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of tattoo requests we receive, we don’t have time to draw tattoos unless an appointment to get them is made, and a deposit is rendered. If you’d like to commission a drawing that you own and can choose to get tattooed at a later time, artists may do that on a case by case basis, and can give you a price quote for that after a consultation.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

We require 48 hour notice for all appointment cancellations. Anything under 48 hours will result in a forfeiture of your deposit. Missing your appointment without notice will require you to pay for your tattoo in full prior to rescheduling your appointment.

What form of payments do you accept?

Arcadia Tattoo Huntsville is CASH only. There is an ATM downstairs for your convenience.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Get a good night’s sleep, do not consume drugs or alcohol the night before or day of your appointment, and eat within two hours of getting tattooed. Bring snacks and water if it is a tattoo that will take over an hour.

May I bring other people with me when I get my tattoo?

Yes you may, but we suggest to limit it to one or two other people. No small children are allowed to be with you while you get tattooed. Older children are allowed but only with another adult.

Where are you located?

We are located at Campus 805 on the third floor floor, look for the pink sign!

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