offering BVLA, Anatometal, solid gold, diamonds, and precious gems

With a diverse jewelry selection, we aim to create a unique and intimate experience for each customer that will best showcase their aesthetic. Our experienced piercers will work one on one with you, from jewelry selection to piercing location, to curate a look that complements you and your style. Even if you already have piercings, we offer the largest selection of high-end jewelry in North Alabama. We can refresh your look and help you fall in love again with your current piercings. Take a step through those pink doors and let Chaz or Dani make your vision a reality. 

We are walk-In only for piercings.

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Prices do not include the cost of jewelry. Jewelry prices vary and will be discussed during your appointment.

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Additional Information | Age Requirements:

Ear Lobes » 7 & up

Other Ear Piercings » 16 & up

Facial & Navel » 16 & Up

Intimate (Tongue, Nipple, etc) » 18 & up

Dermal » 18 & Up

Government issued ID required for all piercings.

Anyone under 18 must have a parental/guardian present. Government issued ID required for parental/guardian & birth certificate required for the person requesting the service.