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Child’s birth certificate and parent/guardian’s ID

Navel Jewelry may be left in place; some women leave jewelry in during their entire pregnancy. Unfortunately, most pieces marketed as “pregnancy jewelry” are normally made with unsafe materials. 

Removing jewelry from a healed piercing may still result in losing the piercing. This varies from person to person.

If piercing closes after removal, it is likely it can be re-pierced.

Having nipple piercings usually does not prevent breastfeeding. Nipple jewelry should be removed during actual feeding, as it can pose a choking hazard and may interfere with latching. A little extra milk may come from the piercing site during nursing, which is not harmful nor problematic.

Most of our tattooers book in 2-3 month increments.

We suggest waiting at least 3 months after delivery of your child, to allow your body and immune system to return to normal.

We will not pierce anyone that is nursing at our studio. 

Certain medical conditions make piercings riskier. Health problems that weaken your infection-fighting defenses, including diabetes, lupus, HIV/AIDS, and other immune system disorders, can make you slow to heal. You might be more vulnerable to infection, and if you do contract one, it could be more severe and harder to cure. 

Rashes such as eczema or psoriasis, scars such as keloids, and other skin abnormalities are less serious health issues.

We will only pierce with jewelry that has been purchased by us at Arcadia. We want to ensure that our clients receive the best quality piercing with only the highest quality of jewelry that is available.  

The most common cause of migration is sleeping on your jewelry (especially with fresh/healing piercings). Another big cause of migration can be from an unsuitable or insufficient tissue being pierced, or if your jewelry is too small in diameter, thin gauge, or of poor quality. 

Migration and rejection can also result from using a harsh aftercare product, following poor health habits, or experiencing excessive physical trauma or emotional stress during the healing period. Unfortunately, sometimes a piercing will migrate or reject for no known reason, even when everything is done properly. This is simply a risk of placing a foreign object through your skin: it may not stay in the desired position.

We only carry the highest quality of titanium and gold options. Titanium allergies are very rare, and gold allergies are slightly more common.

Piercings do have the potential of leaving a scar. The jewelry can easily be removed however, irreversible changes to the body can happen, including discoloration, a mark such as a scar, bump, dimple, or a permanent hole. 

Many piercings shrink or close quickly, but some piercing will remain open indefinitely without jewelry in them. It all depends on the placement of the hole, the length of time you have worn the piercing, and the thickness of the jewelry that was in it.

Accidents happen, and there is a risk of catching jewelry and tearing a piercing. An act as simple as taking off your shirt can be dangerous for a piercing.

Workouts, airbags, pets, children, and even sexual activities can cause ripping or splitting. Obviously, healing piercings are more delicate and vulnerable to injury, but older piercings are still susceptible. You must be aware of your jewelry and your movements, take steps to protect your piercing, and avoid activities that could lead to such accidents. 

Issues with piercing guns?

Piercing guns are often not sanitized in a medically recognized way. Plastic ear-piercing guns cannot be autoclaved sterilized and may not be sufficiently cleaned between use of multiple clients. Even if the antiseptic wipes used were able to kill all pathogens on contact, simply wiping the external surfaces of the guns with isopropyl or other antiseptics does not kill pathogens within the working parts of the gun. 

The Hepatitis virus can live for extended periods of time on inanimate surfaces and could be harbored within a piercing gun for several weeks or more. Hepatitis and common staph infections, which could be found on such surfaces, constitute a serious public health threat if they are introduced into even one reusable piercing gun. 

Though slightly pointy in appearance, most ear-piercing studs are quite dull. Piercings must therefore be accomplished by using excessive pressure over a larger surface area in order to force the metal shaft through the skin. The effect on the body is more like a crush injury than a piercing and causes similar tissue damage. Medically, this is referred to as “blunt force trauma.” At the least it can result in significant pain and swelling for the client, at the most in scarring and potentially increased incidence of auricular conduits, severe tissue disfigurement. 

Ear piercing studs are too short for some earlobes and most cartilage. This can cause the air and blood circulation to be diminished, which can lead to prolonged healing, minor complications and scarring. Jewelry that fits too closely also increases the risk of infection because it does not allow for the thorough cleaning. During normal healing body fluid containing cellular discharge and other products of the healing process are excreted from the piercing. But with inappropriate jewelry, they can become trapped around the hole. The fluid coagulates, becoming sticky and trapping bacteria against the skin. Unless thoroughly and frequently removed, this becomes an invitation to secondary infection. The design of the butterfly clasp of most gun studs can exacerbate this problem. Again, these consequences can be avoided with implant-grade jewelry that is designed for ease of cleaning and long-term wear.

Arcadia Tattoo Huntsville is CASH only for TATTOOS. We do accept cards and cash for piercings. There is an ATM downstairs for your convenience.

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